Weller Hall wins RocFest for second year running

Weller Hall was announced as the winners of RocFest Thursday at the Resident Hall Association meeting.

This is the second year in a row Weller Hall has won, making it the first residence hall in history to do so.

For each event the residence halls participated in, points were awarded. Weller’s total score was more than 2,000 points.

Placing second in the annual boat race and also in the obstacle course helped put Weller at the top.

Attendance is what Weller Hall residents believe won it for them.

“Our attendance was great, that definitely helped out,” said Janae Bonner, a senior nursing major and Weller residence assistant.

One event that Weller took part in was the search for the panther babies.

Every night RHA members would hide the panther babies, folded pieces of paper made to look like panthers, around campus for residents to find. Also at the bingo event, winners were given panther babies as prizes. Bonner herself said that she won five during the game.

Bonner said Weller had people out on campus every night looking for the panther babies.

“We went hard for those things,” Bonner said.

In order to help search for panther babies, Weller had groups of residents on the look out nightly. Bonner called them “troops.”

Bingo was another event that Weller had high attendance for said Laura Brauer, a senior finance major and RA for Weller Hall.

Hall spirit also helped in Weller’s victory, Bonner said.

“We talked (RocFest) up,” she said.

For Weller residents it was about the bonding between residence halls and having fun with their community, she added.

Before the first event of RocFest, which was the boat race, Weller residents painted their faces and wore kilts, to go along with their theme of “Braveheart.”

Bonner also said some residents even brought fake swords and shields.

Brauer said it was exciting for Weller residents to support their hall in events such as the boat race.

“It was fun to cheer on our team,” she said.

The “Weller Dwellers,” as many Weller residents call themselves, have a competitive streak that also helped them win, according to Bonner.

Ford Hall came in second place in the RocFest contest and Lawson Hall placed third.

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