JAC captures Charleston’s unique feel

For those who want to treat their parents to a unique slice of Charleston for breakfast this family weekend, there is Jackson Avenue Coffee.

Located in the Charleston Square, Jackson Avenue Coffee, or the JAC, is frequented by patrons of all kinds for a variety of reasons.

Although people love the food and drink and Jackson Avenue Coffee, many go simply for the quirky yet comfortable atmosphere. With unique artwork adorning the walls and comfortable couches, customers come here to relax and enjoy themselves.

This relaxed vibe draw in a mixed variety of people. Ashli Crowe, a barista, explained that the crowd can change depending on the time of year.

“Throughout the summer, it’s 100 percent local,” she said. “But right now, there are a lot more college kids doing things like study groups.

Dan Reible, co-owner, also agreed.

“We have a heavy concentration of both,” he said. “Most of the morning hours during the week are local groups, but the afternoon swings toward college kids. During the weekend, there is a wide mix.”

Meghan Kuhn, a barista, agreed that it was mixed.

“There are a lot of townies, and (also) middle and high schoolers,” she said.

Even professors like to embrace the calm, study-friendly atmosphere.

“Certain professors hold study groups here,” Kuhn said.

Although Reible hasn’t operated JAC for Family Weekend before, he still expects it to be busy. “We’re preparing for it,” he said. “We’re basically making sure we have plenty of products and extra staff members for the morning hours.”

Even though more staff members are needed, they won’t mind because they all enjoy their jobs thoroughly.

I like interacting with the people that come in,” Crowe said. “There are a lot of people (here) every day, so you get to know their favorite drink, and you form relationships.”

Kuhn also enjoys the social aspect. “I like all the people I get to talk to. You see new faces and develop a repore with them. It’s fun,” she said.

One of the busiest times at Jackson Avenue Coffee is during breakfast hours. They offer a wide variety of breakfast foods, such as muffins, scones and breakfast sandwiches.

“The everything bagel with garden vegetable cream cheese is definitely the most popular,” he said.

Despite offering many food options, the coffee shop is mainly known for their drink selection. If families are looking for a unique way to get their java fix, they can check out JAC’s specialty drinks menu. With drinks like the Snickers, a combination of hazelnut, caramel and milk chocolate, JAC offer things one wouldn’t find at another coffee shop. They also offer unique smoothies such as the Strawberry Bomb and the milkshake-esque Thin Mint.

One of their most popular beverages are the frappes. Meghan Kuhn, a worker since May, thinks this is because people are familiar with them.

“People relate them to things they see at McDonalds or Starbucks,” she said.

Reible also said that lattes are popular. “People (often order) lattes of all different flavors, from caramel to dark chocolate,” he said.

Ultimately, Reible hopes that people enjoy JAC as much as he does.

“My favorite part about being owner is mostly the comfortable, friendly type atmosphere (here),” he said. “People come here and feel like they are part of what Jackson Avenue Coffee is.”

Sara Hall can be reached at 581-7944 or [email protected].