Students pay for damage, others need not worry

As the school year quickly comes to an end, many students find themselves owing more than tuition debt. Some residents who are preparing to move out of apartments and residence hall rooms are fined for property damages.

No matter where a student chooses to live, either on campus or off campus, they are still responsible for any damage. However, the severity of the fine varies.

Nancy Stone-Johnson, the University Court manager, said the normal wear and tear of everyday living is going to happen.

“We expect students to live as students,” Stone-Johnson said.

Students need to have a clear idea of what kinds of damage they can be fined for. Stone-Johnson gave the example that, if a student puts up posters or other decorations that later tear the paint off the wall, they consider that normal wear and tear. However, if two students are wrestling and someone’s head goes through the wall, they will have to pay for that damage.

University Court informs their residents about how to prevent fines by informing them in their contracts, the monthly newsletter and university rules. Stone-Johnson said contracts are residents’ main source for knowing what is considered fineable damage.

The added cost of property damage fines is what most students are worrying about once damage is done.

Misael Albarran, a freshman Spanish major, saw first-hand what a little rough housing will cost. Earlier this month, Albarran broke the window in his residence hall room at Carman Hall.

“The front desk called me down and told me I had to pay $50 before the end of the year,” Albarran said.

Stone-Johnson said students who stress about being charged might have nothing to worry about.

“Most students are never charged,” said Stone-Johnson.

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