Winfield performs as part of Black History Month

If looks could kill, comedian Mike Winfield will have his audience dying from laughter.

“He is a funny looking guy, and his comedy matches his looks,” said Matt Caponera, comedy coordinator for the University Board.

The UB teamed up with co-sponsor The Black Student Union to bring comedian Mike Winfield to campus today as part of Black History Month.

Caponera said the UB picked Winfield because he was able to make fun of himself and that his jokes were pretty funny.

Winfield was a semifinalist on NBC’s show “Last Comic Standing,” and has won a number of other comedy competitions.

He has also performed on Showtime’s “Comics without Borders,” “Comics Unleashed” and Black Entertainment Television’s “ComicView.”

One of Caponera’s favorite parts of Winfield’s act is when he makes fun of his big teeth.

“He talks about his girlfriend a lot and how he has big teeth, so it’s hard for him to close his mouth,” Caponera said.

Mike Usher, chair for the UB, said he liked Winfield when he performed at the National Association for Campus Activities because he seemed personable and could relate to the crowd.

“You could tell he was well-liked and had a presence on stage,” Usher said.

Winfield will perform at 9 p.m. today in the 7th Street Underground.

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