Vancouver games kicks off with torch lighting

When the 2010 Winter Olympics begin on Friday, some Eastern students will be watching particularly close.

Members of the skiing/snowboarding club at Eastern, who regularly travel across the Midwest to ski and snowboard, plan on watching the Olympics and their corresponding sports.

Robert Dinkins, president of the skiing/snowboarding club, said he likes watching the Olympics because he feels a connection with the athletes representing the United States.

“I like to watch the U.S. (team),” Dinkins said. “The United States is one of the top teams in skiing and snowboarding.”

Dinkins said he is looking forward to watching Shaun White, a professional snowboarder, who won the gold metal in the men’s halfpipe during the 2006 Winter Olympics.

White has won medals in a number of competitions, including the United States Grand Prix and the Winter X Games.

“I think he is one of the best the United States has lined up for the games,” Dinkins said.

“I like to watch him pull off crazy tricks that not a lot of other people can do.”

Alex Holden, one of the members of the skiing/snowboard club, likes to watch the Olympics because they are not always on television.

Gwen Little, advisor for the skiing/snowboarding club at Eastern, enjoys watching the Olympics for the skiing and figure skating.

“It doesn’t matter to me who wins, though,” Holden said.

Other students at Eastern plan on watching as well.

“I’ll probably watch everything from speed skating to curling,” Kelly Crawford, a senior special education major said. “I think Americans watch them because we want to believe we are the best. I personally watch them to relax and take a break from school or work.”

The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics will air at 7:30 p.m. Friday on NBC.

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