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Rubber Lovers spin ‘wheel of sexual health

Students became a certified Rubber Lover by learning the benefits of safe sex and the “18 steps to put on a condom” at Rubber Lovers on Tuesday.

Packets with free condoms, latex-free condoms, female condoms, lubricant and dental dams were handed out at the meeting.

A newsletter and information about women’s use of condoms vs. men’s use, consent, sexual violence and how to maintain healthy relationships was also passed out.

The newsletter contained sexual education information, such as how to use the new spray-on condom.

There was also a game called the “Wheel of Sexual Health,” where students can compete with each other concerning sexual myths and sex facts plus among other games.

“Rubber Lovers is here to encourage safer behavior among college students,” said Valorre Harmon, the sexual health education coordinator.

Harmon said the meetings also show how safe sex prevents sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

“The spread of sexually transmitted infections are happening and it is important to learn how they spread,” Harmon said. “For example, HPV and herpes can be spread through just skin-to-skin contact, so it is still important to get tested.”

Harmon said Rubber Lovers has information beneficial to people who are sexually active and those who are not.

“I do promote abstinence, but people who are not having sex now might decide to in the future, so being informed is important,” Harmon said. “People can also come meet with the Health Education Resource Center one-on-one if they do not want to come to the meetings or do not have time.”

Rubber Lovers started two years ago and, before that, there was a similar program called the Condom Club, which originated around 2003.

“It’s a nice, easygoing way to learn about safe sex,” said Ryan Messinger, health education coordinator. “The perk is they get a $15 to $20 packet with condoms and other items.”

Currently there are about 1,500 members this academic year and any Eastern student can attend the meetings.

“Correct and consistent condom use may be a topic that one has never been educated on,” said Eric Davidson, associate director of Health Service. “Regardless of one’s current sexual status, this skill may be one that will be needed in the future.”

The next meeting is 5 p.m. Friday in the Charleston/Mattoon Room.

Harmon will also have a presentation at 7 p.m. on Feb. 2 in Coleman Hall called “Affording Relationships, dating and sexual activity,” about the financial and physical burdens of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

“I will also discuss the costs of porn addiction and going to strip clubs compared to a condom that only costs forty cents,” Harmon said.

Harmon will also touch on the issue of sexual assault and what actions can be taken according to Eastern’s regulations.

Students can visit the HERC’s Web site by clicking here.

Heather Holm can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected].

Rubber Lovers spin ‘wheel of sexual health

Rubber Lovers spin wheel of sexual health

Mike Witkowski, a sophomore kinesiology major, spins the wheel of sexual health during a Rubber Lovers presentation in the Charleston/Mattoon Room in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Tuesday.(Audrey Sawyer/The Daily Eastern News)


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