Long- distance service canceled

The Telecommunications Office canceled the long-distance service it once offered on-campus students.

The service was canceled in the summer, but the change has been initiated for the fall semester as of Aug. 9.

Telecommunications director Clay Hopkins cited a lack of participation and the advent of cell phones as the reasons for the cancellation.

“There were less than 50 students using (the service),” Hopkins said. “It was costing us more to provide than we were getting out of it.”

Mark Hudson, director of university housing and dining Services, was also involved in making the cancellation.

“Reduced usage brought on this decision,” Hudson said. “(Students) can access long distance with a different manner using 800-number calling cards.”

This change affects all students living on campus, including those in Greek Court, University Court and University Apartments.

The discontinued service affects just long-distance calls.

“Students can still make local calls and plug in phones,” Hudson said.

The cancellation also affects returning students who will no longer be able to use the service.

Before the change, students would sign up for a pin number in the Telecommunications Office, Hudson said. Students would receive a bill for the calls that were made in their rooms.

Ben Joyner, a senior history major, has never used the service while living in Stevenson Hall.

“It doesn’t affect me too much,” Joyner said. “I use a cell phone anyway. I’ve been here two years and haven’t had a phone in my room yet.”

Elizabeth Luce, a sophomore early childhood education major in Andrews Hall, does not see the cancellation having an impact on her either.

“I have a phone in my room, but I usually only use it to make pizza orders,” Luce said. “I have a cell phone, but I only use it to call my mom or friends.”

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