Editorial: Make the most of your summer

Ah… summer is finally upon us.

Finally, for students who are spending their last days in Charleston. Finally, for freshman who just want to go home. And finally, for those who just need a break from the strenuous daily roles of the typical college student.

Well, now that you are going home, or staying in Charleston, for the summer, make the most of your break because before you know it, you’ll be back in school or working full-time somewhere.

Students should be productive this summer. We’re all dealing with this ailing economy in our own personal ways, but instead of sitting on the couch taking the hit, stand up and do something productive with your time.

You might not think it, but there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Start looking for a job now. Working part-time is a way to stay productive and earn some spending cash for your various summer activities.

Don’t let the menial jobs hold you back – especially in this economic climate, attaining any summer job is invaluable.

Can’t get hired anywhere? Perhaps you could help your parents or siblings around the house or elsewhere. Being away from your family all year can be tough, but don’t take it for granted once you are home.

For others who can’t find a job, do some volunteer work. Help the less fortunate out at a local shelter or church, or become a Big Brother or Big Sister this summer. According to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Web site, the smallest things can make a difference in your community.

“You and your ‘Little’ can share the kinds of activities you already like to do, such as shooting hoops, playing a board game, going on a hike or enjoying a pizza,” the Web site says.

Another initiative we should all consider is to think greener. The little things add up when you recycle correctly, use less water, drive less and keep electronics unplugged when not in use. These things help you save money and help our environment to be more sustainable.

Whether you make the most of your summer is up to you, but this is the time to do something that you will look back on. You probably won’t look back on a lazy summer, only regretfully.

After all, our college years are supposed to be the high points of our lives, right? So make the most of your time. Who knows, you might stumble upon an activity you never thought you’d do in a million years and actually love it.

Whatever it is, do it before it’s too late, before you come back to Eastern in the fall for another round of classes, homework and tests.

The editorial is the majority opinion of The DEN editorial board. Reach the opinions editor at [email protected].