Editorial: To the student body president – A congratulatory letter

Congratulations, you’ve just been elected.

You’re probably pretty excited, right?

You are now the chief representative of Eastern’s student body, one who embodies the spirit and hard work of our university.

Of course, you know this will be no easy task.

Long hours spent in Student Government meetings, working tirelessly with Eastern administrators, representing students at athletic events.

It’s a tough job.

But wait, before you decide not to take this challenge on, we’re here to help.

We understand the pressures that can be put on a person; we’re college students, after all.

The student body will always be there for you to help you work in their best interests.

While we’re on the subject, make sure you always do what is in the student body’s best interest.

No matter what, the students come first.

If there’s an issue plaguing students, work to solve it.

Communicate with them and listen to them.

If a policy isn’t working or you come to a crossroads, talk to the students and see which solution they prefer.

Open up your doors to the student body.

Make them know you care about what they want.

If the student body is silent, reach out to them and gauge their responses on issues that affect them.

Little communication with the student body is xa poor policy and will alienate other students from you, a fellow student; a person the student body should be able to turn to no matter what.

Also, be sure to set a positive example for the student body.

We understand the work that goes into your job, and we applaud anyone who is willing to step up and face it, but it is no excuse to blow off other responsibilities, such as showing up for class.

If the student body sees how well you handle responsibility, you will be held in higher regard.

But these are just suggestions, small bits of advice meant to encourage you to do the right thing. The real test begins next fall when you put all these into practice.

For now, Student Government will move through the transition into an era with a new chief executive.

We applaud you for your courage and your dedication to the Eastern community and we wish the best for your presidency as you lead the student body into 2010.

The editorial is the majority opinion of The DEN editorial board. Reach the opinions editor at: [email protected].