‘Portion Size Me’ studies effects of fast food

Portion Size Me,” a video on the effects of correct portions of fast food, has sold approximately 50,000 copies.

James Painter, chair of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, made the video and provides commentary throughout.

“Portion Size Me” looks at a study by Painter that had two students eat only fast food for 30 days, but in portions subsequent to their weight.

On Dec. 31, 2008 Painter appeared on The Early Show on CBS in New York in a segment called “Shedding Pounds with Portion Control.”

Previous videos appeared on WEIU and WCIA in Champaign, but Painter said this coverage was the most widespread. Aaron Grobengieser, one of the two participants in the video, said he and Ellen Homann, the other participant, had to be careful about how many calories they consumed daily. However, Grobengieser said he and Homann lost some weight in the process.

“As far as the proof of the project, it was certainly consistent with the nutrition guidelines,” he said.

Grobengieser said the main message of the video was to show that eating healthy fast food is possible.

Homann said she enjoyed being part of the video.

“The study showed that we both lost weight and improved our cholesterol levels,” Homann said.

Homann and Grobengieser have both graduated and are now registered dieticians.

Karla Kennedy-Hagan, assistant chair of the School of Family and Consumer Science, was the dietician who followed the students around and assessed their progress.

“What we did was start each student on a nutritional assessment and set diet pattern specifically for each one,” Kennedy-Hagan said. “The message is clear-people don’t think portions through.”

Copies of “Portion Size Me” are available to rent in the library.

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