Editorial: University Board is on the right track, for now

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Every year the University Board negotiates dates and prices with musicians for the annual spring concert.


UB cut it close last year, but it stepped up this year and already formed a short list for the Spring 2009. Now, make the decision.

University Board plans to make its decision of what the spring concert will be before Winter Break – this would put UB months ahead of last spring.

UB did not make its decision to bring Jason Mraz to Eastern until March, a month and a half before the concert would take place.

Granted the concert committee that spring had problems with potential artists falling through and a limited amount of dates for the concert, but the situation still reflected poorly upon UB.

So, if UB does make its Spring 2009 concert announcement before Winter Break, redemption may be in order – especially since the four acts in the running are looking to be good options no matter what.

In the running are Ben Folds (who was on UB’s list last spring, but couldn’t perform because he was already booked on the board’s only available date), Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain and Jack’s Mannequin.

Sheila Hurley, the concert chair for UB, said according to input she has received from students, Ben Folds would be the first person the board would make an offer to, but that nothing is finalized.

Hurley said this year UB randomly surveyed about 500 students about artists they would like to see on campus.

Even though Ben Folds seems to be the top choice, it looks like students would be just as OK with Lupe Fiasco as the spring concert.

In Monday’s edition of The Daily Eastern News, Hurley said she still encourages input from students about the spring concert next semester.

“Continue to write on the Facebook (University Board group) wall and give us your input,” she said.

As of noon Monday, the past five wall posts on the University Board group favored Lupe Fiasco – four votes went to him and one went to Ben Folds.

But no matter what group is chosen, it seems like all four have big enough name recognition and a following to sell tickets for the spring concert. And another good aspects to these acts is how they are all cheaper than last year’s list of possibilities UB was considering.

“They are pretty cheaper than last year,” said Ceci Brinker, director of Student Life. “All under or around $50,000.”

Also, tickets would still be anywhere from $7 to $10, Brinker added.

At the rate UB is going this year, it looks to be ahead of its game in brining an appealing act to Eastern. Let’s just hope they make the decision by Winter break.