Editorial: Volunteer while you can

Our View


The Student Community Service Office has opened and is providing students with community service opportunities.


Students have asked for this type of program and should now utilize it and learn about the world around us by giving back.

Most Registered Student Organizations require community service of some kind, and those groups have designated leaders to search for volunteer opportunities. But for the thousands of students who are not affiliated to an RSO, the university created the Student Community Service Office.

Dan Nadler, vice president for student affairs, said a number of students want to volunteer for events or community services but simply don’t know how. The creation of a university department to aid a student interest is remarkable and commendable, but now it’s time for the students to step up and utilize the office.

“I think we are getting people who haven’t volunteered in the past coming in because we are making an exceptional option of its one stop place,” said Rachel Fisher, interim director of the Student Community Service Office. “You just walk in, and we will help find something that matches your interest.”

The transition appears to have gone well thus far. Fisher believes because this is the pilot year of the office, they are making great success.

“I am thrilled with the reception we have received from both community partners and campus partners,” Fisher said. “It has been wonderful to see we can engage those pieces.”

With an economy in shambles and funding of state agencies in question, volunteers are a good way to fill in some of the local gaps at social-based institutions, assisted living homes, high schools and many more.

Part of becoming educated is learning about the world around us. There aren’t any textbooks to life, and all our classroom discussions and projects lead up to real life situations.

Utilizing the Student Community Service Office would help you put academic lessons into application and provide a perspective of what life is like for others who may not be as privileged or who may be getting ground-breaking opportunities that are under supported.

Every month, the office has special projects it works on, and it updates a mailing list every week that tells prospective volunteers of special service events taking place that week.

Throughout December, the Student Community Service Office will work with the Salvation Army. From Dec. 9-12 students can box up toys for local children.

The Construction Club is among many organizations that have been in contact with Fisher to continue working with Habitat for Humanity, but to also work with some events taking place next semester. So, if you’re a leader of an RSO or an unaffiliated student who feels a need to give back to world or gain some public service experience, then take advantage of the Student Community Service Office.

Don’t wait until your academic career is over before you realize how certain classes could help you learn about social situations. Volunteer for an event or program and see what kind of impact you can make on someone’s life.

If nothing else, volunteer just to say thanks to the community for graciously hosting our university. We promise, whatever you sign up to do will warm your heart or change you in some way.