Cubs fans need only one TV

I think I’m spending too much time around Cardinal fans.

Now I’ve always been a Cubs fan since I was little – good old Wrigley Field. Sweet home, Chicago.

But it all began on Monday down in St. Louis on my retreat with my fellow editors of the Daily Eastern News. My hotel room happened to be right across the street from Busch Stadium and it just so happened to be the start of the Cardinals’ three-game homestand against the Reds. Between the red fireworks and the swarm of red T-shirts walking the streets of St. Louis, it was a Cubs fan’s worst nightmare.

I was forced to watch part of the Cardinals game Monday night at the sports bar because it was on every television in the place – until our sports editor, Bill Ruthhart, demanded the Cubs game to be shown on one of the tubes.

The Cardinals won 3-2 over Cincinnati while the Cubs were in the midst of suffering a 9-5 loss to Houston. But that didn’t stop some of us from tormenting the Cards fans.

On our way back to the hotel, in the sea of smiling Cardinal fans, Bill began shouting Cubs remarks at the fans. I was waiting for a Central Division brawl, but instead we watched everyone from the 7-year-old fans donning oversized McGwire jerseys to the 70-year-old die-hards defending their Cardinals by reminding us of the Cubbies’ loss. And it didn’t help any that Houston was now on top of the division.

Then the next day there were more home runs and more fireworks across the street followed by a 7-1 win one day and an 8-4 victory the next.

It’s only grown worse since then.

The Cardinals have continued on to take three more games from the then first place Phillies later that week, all of which I had the privilege of watching – on two T.V. sets in one room. What is it with these weird mulit-T.V. rooms?

You think you can avert your attention away from the game, but it’s everywhere. It must be a St. Louis thing. Or maybe I just have weird friends. Friends who are Cardinal fans are just irritating to talk to. They still think the Cardinals can win the division.

Now St. Louis is on an 11-game winning streak. But it gets worse. The Cubs are on a three-game slide, and now two games under Houston. St. Louis is just a half game behind Chicago.

Being in Central Illinois, excuse me, Southern Illinois, it’s natural to be surrounded by Cardinal fans, but if I have to continue watching St. Louis until October I’ll probably puke.

I know St. Louis is closer to Charleston than Chicago, but come on. We all know who is going to be on top of the division. After all, Cubs fans only need one TV.