The year that was

Good morning, sports fans. Well, we’ve finally come down to the end of the school year, and I think it’s time to look back on some of the better things that I’ve seen this year.

The sports season on campus started off with one of the major surprises of the year with the football team. This was a team that was 2-10 the previous year and turned themselves around to go to the playoffs this season.

It just seems that the football team set the tone for the rest of the teams’ attitudes on campus. They acted as if they were all one big family, and many of the other successful teams here at Eastern took that same mind set and were just as good, if not better, than the football team.

After the football team’s run to the playoffs, it was on to basketball for me. And like most of the student body, I couldn’t believe some of the things that I saw.

The Panthers had two of the top scorers in the nation in Henry Domercant and Kyle Hill. They won the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament in a thriller over Austin Peay and then went to the NCAA Tournament, losing to eventual national runner-up, Arizona.

I am glad I was able to see a player as special as Kyle Hill. Some day down the road I hope I am working at a large daily newspaper somewhere in America and I am able to go down to the basketball arena of the pro team in that town and see him in his NBA uniform. (Thanks for the memories Kyle.)

By the end of both the football and basketball seasons, I am sure both coach Spoo and coach Samuels were sick of hearing from their secretaries that I was on the phone, but both of them handled it with class.

After Kansas City and the NCAA tournament, I was out to the diamond and Eastern’s baseball team. And I can honestly say that the team has surprised me with every win – how they have really come together as a team and have found a way to win a lot of games.

I knew that they would be better this season than last, but starting out 14-0 in the OVC is amazing. I’ll put it on the record now that they will be in a Super Regional in a month from now.

And it will be a sweet redemption for the seniors on that team because of all of the people that counted them out this season.

I know that Keith Laski, Chris Martin, Bob VanHoorebeck, Josh Landon and Mike Ziroli wanted to shove it everybody’s face this season, and that is just what they have done. Have fun being sized up for those conference championship rings.

I know that that there are other sports at Eastern that have done well this season, and I tip my hat to them, but it’s tough for me to comment on their season with out being there everyday.

But being with these three teams day in and day out, you get to see what kind of people they are – the funny things that the coaches do and their attitudes. You can’t help but become a fan and I can’t wait to see what the teams will do next year.