President’s proposed plan worries some

Eastern may be the answer for summer employment woes.

“Dining services will be hiring supervisors and there will also be positions open for orientation leaders and conference assistants,” said Bill Schnackel, director of housing and dining services.

Jody Stone, coordinator for summer camps and conferences will be running the application process for these jobs.

There are certain benefits that come with the jobs.

“The orientation leaders receive free room and board for the summer–which saves about $1,000–and stipends of $1,500. Conference assistants receive free room and board and are paid $5.25 per hour. Dining supervisors also receive free room and board and are paid $5.40 per hour,” Stone said.

One thing to consider about these jobs is the amount of time one would be living on campus during the summer.

“The amount of time may differ according to the position. Training starts May 7 and runs through July 1 for orientation leaders. Dining supervisors and conference assistants work the entire summer,” Stone said.

There are a certain number of jobs that are available.

“This year we will probably hire around 50 people. There will most likely be 25 conference assistants, 15 orientation leaders, and 10 dining hall supervisors,” said Stone.

Applications for these jobs are available in the Office of Student Life, the Housing Office, and the majority of the front desks at residence halls.

The applications must be submitted by Valentine’s Day to be accepted.

“Applications will be due Wed, February 14. Interviews will be done on February 20 and 21,” Stone said.

“I encourage students to apply for these jobs because they are great opportunities to develop leadership skills,” Schnackel said.